Stretch film

is an excellent solution for both protecting and securing goods. With the help of a wrapping machine these film can be pulled tightly around the product and ensure that the end result looks good. The film wrapping is first stretched and can then be pulled over the, to be stabilized, product. The memory action then ensures that the proper tension is exerted on the package. Another main advantage is that the film wrapping does not cut into the products.

Choosing the right type of film wrapping can be a difficult choice. Our specialists at Foernier would be pleased to help your further with this decision. They will advise you accordingly, thus making your decision easier.

Stretch film can be used to wrap and secure your products to protect them during storage or transit. When wrapped around pallets, hand and machine stretch film keeps the load stable and secure, and protects from dust, dirt and slippage.Our blown stretch film is tear and puncture resistant. It’s suitable for use in deep freeze storage and comes in 6 thicknesses and 2 widths, in black or transparent. You may also want to try cast stretch film – it’s clear, tear resistant and will cling to itself and products for secure hold. Our experts will help you choose the right stretch film for your needs and arrange your delivery at the earliest.

Stretch film which is produced by cast extrusion system has the following specifications & advantages:

1- No thickness variation
2- High clarity
3- Extension resistance
4- High puncture and tear-resistance
5- Competitive in the world market

Machine Applied Stretch Film ( Machine warp stretch film )

1- Thickness: 20 – 40 micron
2- Film Width: 100 – 1500 mm
3- Advantages: saving at electricity, space, time and energy

Power stretch film

1- Thickness: 20 – 30 micron
2- Film Width: 500 – 1500 mm
3- Advantages: high strength and durable in high speed wrapping

Hand Applied Stretch Film (Hand Wrap Stretch Film)

1- Thickness: 15 – 20 micron
2- Advantages: packaging for close distances
3- Tools: Hand wrap device

Advantages of our stretch film:

1- Assurance the durable of good
2- Saving space
3- Extension resistance
4- Hand & Machine applied types
5- Excellent cling
6- Cost effective
7- Anti UV
8- Different colors
9- Dust & moisture protection
10- For food & industries applications

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