Shrink film


POF shrink film is a great option for wrapping a large variety of products. The 60 gauge centre fold shrink film is considered a lightweight film ideal for wrapping lighter objects that do not have sharp corners and edges.
Many customers use the lighter POF film for both food and non-food products. The 60 gauge polyolefin film offers easy unwrapping, a low shrink rate, and excellent clarity. All polyolefin rolls are on a three inch core.

Shrink film produced by the reaction of Iranians benefiting from the technology industry Blown And is capable of printing flexibility. The main use of shrink film Shrink packaging industry is using the device.The product according to the printing capabilities of a range of industries and clients are included.

benefit of using our shrink film:

  • Affordable and economical
  • Can be used in all products and industries
  • High resistance to heat and rupture
  • High weight-bearing
  • Ensure the safety of goods packed
  • Preventing the ingress of dust and moisture
  • The ability to print on both sides of the film
  • Long after the packaging during storage
shirink pr
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