Our Mission

Foernier sets high quality standards for its products as well as for the company’s pioneering innovative technology. The company solves customer-specific problems with advanced, state-of-the-art technology and supplies perfect system solutions from a single source all around the world. All innovations are based on decades of experience, the skills and expertise of Foernier’s employees and a results-driven corporate philosophy.

Being a successful and independent Company, we have set the trends and standards in our lines of business for several generations.   Directly experiencing our customers‘ needs and understanding them better forms the basis of our success. This gives us a clear competitive edge. Maximum customer benefit constitutes our number one priority and the aim for all solutions and products. The added value of our services for the customers is the basis of our joint business success. Direct contact with customers, fast response times in providing solutions, and the consistent implementation of our service philosophy are the most important factors in our team.  Respect, appreciation, and performance-orientation are the pillars supporting the cooperation within the organization. We offer our staff above-average space for personal development, educational programs and training courses to help them fully tap their individual potentials.

The diversity and combination of technologies are unique strengths of our group that bring forth improvements and innovations. And it is on this technological competence that new products and services build on. We actively embrace change and approach it with open-mindedness, innovative power, and flexibility in thought and actions.