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We specialize in the development, production, and distribution of premium quality strapping made from PP and PET. Therefore, you can be certain that strapping from us is ideally suited for your specific conditions of use. Whatever industry sector you operate in, whether in Baling, Building Supplies, Canning or Bottling, Printing, Wood and Timber, Metals, Corrugated Board, or Logistics, we have the right strapping solution for you.

Not only do we produce polyester and polypropylene strapping, but we also offer special services to customers. On the one hand, we develop your strapping for your specific application. On the other hand, we have an international team of expert engineers who will address your needs at your site. You benefit from stellar quality, customized solutions, and excellent service.

Our strapping makes a difference because it offers the following advantages:

  • low maintenance and failure-free strapping
  • reliable protection of your packaged goods
  • economically and technically the best solution for your strapping purpose
  • smart supply management (from order placement to delivery)

Our strapping type:

Our wide product portfolio includes strapping made of polyester and polypropylene as well as printed plastic strapping. You can use our strapping on fully automatic strapping machines and in combination with hand tools.

  •  polyester strapping:
    The ideal packaging solution to strap extremely heavy or difficult-to-secure goods to pallets, from bricks to fiber bales and steel coils. our strapping makes transporting your products safer. Furthermore, this strapping is ideal to replace steel strapping.
  •  polypropylene strapping:
    The versatile solution for all kinds of transport packaging such as for textiles, furniture, newspapers, cartons, roof tiles, and glass bottles.
  • HQ Printing Solutions – printed polypropylene and polyester strapping:
    Design your product packaging solution to your individual needs and preferences. By printing information onto strapping, it is given valuable functions such as anti-theft protection, proof of product origin, and advertising.
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