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Industrial Packaging

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We builds a state of art infrastructure and quality approved system and technology which facilitates core packaging solutions to more than 500 industries throughout the globe.

We believe that businesses, like consumers, must act responsibly to help make the world a safer, cleaner place. That means carefully evaluating how our products are used, manufactured and disposed of; and utilizing those methods and products that preserve our resources, energy and environment .

Our aim it is to scan the global packaging market, identify latest ‘know-how’ and emerging technologies and be able to continuously upgrade pack styles and packaging processes to international standards.The company offers packaging solutions and dedicated service support in diverse sectors that range from metals & metal working, paper & corrugated, timber, furniture, building materials, food & beverage, logistics & warehousing, graphics & printing, pharmaceuticals and others.

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Understands the core manufacturing process rehabilitating the actual purpose of its application and providing the prescribed solutions.


Our comprehensive packaging solutions include products and services.

Product offering includes strapping, stretch & shrink wrapping, taping, and protective packaging consumables, tools and equipment that apply the consumables, and spare parts. A wide range of services include package testing, packaging design, audit and consultancy, on-site packaging, on-site maintenance, preventive maintenance.

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